ADF&G extends bull moose hunting through October 6

Bull moose sitting outside

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced a five-day extension of the State resident fall season for bull moose hunting in Unit 22(A) Central on Monday (Oct. 2) by registration permit hunt RM841. 

According to the emergency order, the current reported harvest is below the estimated harvestable surplus, warranting the extension.

The extension begins October 3 and runs through October 6. The area includes a portion in the Unalakleet River drainage and all drainages that flow into the Norton Sound north of the Golsovia River drainage and south of and including the Egavik Creek drainage. 

Alaska residents who have not yet harvested a moose and are not CM300 participants qualify for this hunt. Hunters must possess a 2023 Alaska state hunting license, and the state registration permit RM841.

According to the order, hunters who previously obtained the RM841 permit this year don’t need to obtain a new permit as long as they have not reported a moose harvest.  

Permits are available in Unalakleet, or online.

Photo at top: Public domain, via Pixabay (2019)