New leader for the mission

KNOM is pleased to welcome Miranda Musich as our new General Manager.

To fill the role, the Board of Directors sought someone with a deep connection to Western Alaska, and that is what they found in Miranda. She has lived most of her life in Nome, and has been a lifelong friend of longtime General Manager Tom Busch’s family.

Miranda owns a farm just outside Nome and runs several small businesses that serve her community. Before becoming KNOM’s General Manager, she taught applied business for seven years at the Nome campus of the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She brings to the role business acumen and a strong professional network throughout the region.

KNOM would like to thank Iñuraaq Evans, who briefly filled the General Manager role before resigning for personal reasons, as well as Davis Hovey, who served as Interim General Manager for six months while the Board of Directors carried out its search.

You can read the Board’s full statement about Miranda as our new General Manager at

Image at top: A teenage Miranda Musich (far right) attends a birthday party at the home of longtime General Manager Tom Busch (left) in 1997. Photo courtesy of Kate Dumais, née Busch, used with permission.

Below: Miranda Musich today, with a horse on her farm on the outskirts of Nome. Photo courtesy of Miranda Musich, used with permission.