Nome-Beltz High School Class of 2023 graduates

Attendance was full at the Class of 2023 graduation on May 16.

Nome-Beltz High School held its graduation ceremony for the Class of 2023 on Tuesday, May 16.

A total of 38 students graduated during the ceremony held in the NBHS gymnasium.

Nome Public Schools Superintendent Jamie Burgess gave the seniors an uplifting thought as they prepare to enter the world after high school.

“My wish is, regardless of what you choose to do when you walk out of these doors, assuming it’s your last time as a student, I want you to become the best person you can be,” Burgess said.

Sophia Marble is the Salutatorian. She addressed family, friends and classmates at the outset of the ceremony. She spoke to the juniors, sophomores and freshmen that will follow in the senior class’s footsteps.

“To the underclassmen: A word of advice,” Marble said. “I hate to say it, but time really does fly. Cherish the time you have in this school. Stay focused and turn in your work on time. But on that same note, remember it’s never that serious, and make time to share laughs and make memories.”

Devon Crowe and Dorothy Callahan are co-Valedictorians.

Crowe remarked on how COVID-19 changed the world for the Class of 2023 while they were freshmen.

“So today has finally come, after four years,” he said. “After four years of hard work at high school, we made it. It’s safe to say that we haven’t had the most normal high school life, and freshman year was pretty normal up until the last quarter, from COVID. From home schooling, cancellation of events. participating in sports in front of no audience, then limited capacity and back to full capacity.”

Callahan told the audience she scrapped her original idea for her speech in favor of a new concept – growth.

“Growth was our development to work together as a class,” Callahan said. “We understand the struggles that each of us have faced, whether through our sympathy or empathy, our consideration for one another has made high school an easier experience than what it could have been.”

Nome-Beltz graduate Jade Greene receives his diploma on Tuesday, May 16.
Nome-Beltz graduate Jade Greene receives his diploma on Tuesday, May 16. Photo courtesy Shannon Greene

Before the graduation ceremony Tuesday night, a parade was held throughout the streets of Nome which included many of the seniors, Nome Emergency Services volunteers and other community members.

Nome-Beltz High School senior Sophia Marble's JEEP entry into the 2023 graduation parade on Tuesday, May 16.
Nome-Beltz High School senior Sophia Marble’s JEEP entry into the 2023 graduation parade on Tuesday, May 16. Photo by Greg Knight/KNOM

One of the organizers of the march was teacher Rachel Finney. She was named as Nome Public Schools Teacher of the Year for 2023.

“I would encourage them to just live life to the fullest,” Finney said. “I know they’re going in several different directions. doing some really awesome things. and I hope they enjoy every minute of it.”

The graduation parade for Nome-Beltz High School was awesome... and had a soundtrack provided by Andrew Peterson IV (far right) and a bunch of his fellow seniors.
The graduation parade for Nome-Beltz High School had a soundtrack provided by Andrew Peterson IV (far right) and a group of his fellow seniors. Photo by Greg Knight/KNOM

The class song was “Congratulations” by Post Malone. 

Members of the Nome-Beltz High School class of 2023 are: Karlin Ahwinona-Smith, Guerin Anangayou, Shawn Bergamaschi, Steffen Booth, Dorothy Callahan, David Contreras, Erika Crisci-Olanna, Devon Crowe, Thomas Cushman, Julianna Duarte, Victoria Gray, Jade Greene, Thomas Hannon, Joel Heath, Vivienne Heers, Tristen Hobbs, Shaina Hobbs, Asa Hukill, Kaleb Janke, Pohaku Kaha’i, Martin Kimoktoak, Addison Knudsen, Chelsi Koutchak, Kelvin Lewis, Aralye Lie, Sophia Marble, Lucas Marvin, Su Mclinn, Kellie Miller, Cameron Minix, Amy Nguyen, Melody Olanna, Kael Osborne, Ryan Outwater, Andrew Peterson IV, Brenna Scholten, Landon Sherman, Murphy Strachan, Cirsten Thrun and Natalie Tobuk.

Tristen and Shaina Hobbs are graduates of the Nome Public Schools Extensions Correspondence Program. Greene, Lie, Miller, Nguyen, Scholten, Callahan and Marble were all named National Honor Society members.

Wednesday was the last day of school for Nome Public Schools. Spring semester report cards will be mailed home starting Thursday.

Editor’s Note – This story has been changed to reflect that 38 students took part in the graduation ceremony.

Image at top: Nome-Beltz High School Principal Teriscovkya Smith addresses the Class of 2023. Image courtesy Nome Public Schools.

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