Staffing shortage temporarily closes Boys and Girls Club of Nome

Logo of the Nome Boys & Girls Club

The Boys and Girls Club of Nome is closing temporarily due to a staff shortage.

According to Regional Director Ryan VandeVere, the club’s day-to-day manager, Phillip Wilding, has taken another position out of state. VandeVere said there is an ongoing search for the next manager to lead the Boys and Girls Club.

VandeVere is also departing his position with the club effective April 19.

“We need to continue in the process of replacing the staff who have departed and are departing,” VandeVere said. “We have very specific requirements to ensure safety for our kids, ratios as far as kids to staff, and we need to make sure that we are following those guidelines for the safety of both staff and kids.”

The closing is effective immediately, but it will be temporary, he added; The club will reopen when new staff are hired and trained.

“Once we have staff and they are insufficient number and properly trained, then we will be absolutely opening back up here in Nome,” he said.

VandeVere said there will still be staff at the club this week to receive Easter eggs and give out prizes for the Easter egg hunt.

According to VandeVere, Nome parents and others are being encouraged to volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club until permanent full-time and part-time staff are hired.

“We love the idea of connecting with the community in this way, of having them be a part of keeping our club open during this time,” VandeVere said. “So, volunteers are absolutely on the table; we’d love to see some applications come in.”

The Boys and Girls Club of Nome has a Facebook page, and the statewide Boys and Girls Club organization website can be found at

For more information, call the club at 907-443-6006.

Image at top: The logo of the Boys and Girls Club of Nome. Image courtesy Boys and Girls Club of Nome