City of Nome urges residents to move vehicles for snow, ice clearing

Nome City Hall Building

Thanks to a pair of recent storms that hit the region, Nome municipal employees are busy at work trying to clear snow from the streets.

Nome City Manager Glenn Steckman said the city is doing its best to clean up the snow and ice that is fouling roads in town.

 “We’ve experienced two very difficult snow falls,” Steckman said. “We recognize that the snow is like concrete at this point, and we are still trying to clean up. If anybody has concerns, we would ask them to contact City Hall.”

Steckman is also asking residents to move their vehicles out of the right-of-way, to assist city workers in cleaning up.

“We also encourage people, if they can, to get their vehicles out of the right of way, which is creating some difficulties for the men and women out there who are plowing and keeping the roads open,” Steckman added.

Nome City Hall can be reached at (907)443-6663.

Image at top: Nome City Hall building on Front Street. Photo by Brisa Alarcon, KNOM.