KNOM calling for Elder voices

Do you know an Elder who would like to share a story with Western Alaska? Watch the video or review the instructions below to learn how to contribute to Elder Voices on KNOM 780 AM 96.1 FM.

Step 1: Ask an Elder to share their story

Step 2: Set up

  • Check room for background noise
  • Open Voice Memos or other audio recording app on your smartphone
  • Check a test recording for volume & clarity
  • Hit record!

Step 3: Questions

  • First & last name
  • Where & when they were born
  • Where they live right now
  • Where they were & at what age their story took place
  • Permission to air their story on KNOM
  • Share their story!

Step 4: Submit

  • Save recording
  • Attach recording to an email to
  • Also include…
    • Your name
    • Your phone number
    • Recorded Elder’s name

Thank you to all contributors!