Dear Friend… (January 2023)

Each week, KNOM staff share a prayer: that we would “live life with courage and love for the people of our region,” and that “remembering all those who have helped to educate, guide, and foster us, as well as mentor and encourage us throughout our lives,” we would take the opportunity to do the same for others, in Western Alaska and around the world.

KNOM ended last year with sad news. Longtime volunteer, mentor and friend Les Brown passed away.

Les’ legacy of mentoring and empowering others has become a core part of the mission he served so faithfully. It lives on in the effort to equip interns, volunteers and staff.

As we step into the blank slate of a New Year, we link arms. Thank you for honoring Les’ memory with us as we follow his legacy.

Happy Quviasukvik, or New Year, to you and yours!