FY22 by the numbers

Understaffing remained the biggest challenge KNOM faced in FY22. This common problem for nonprofits is exacerbated in the bush, where the high cost of living is often a deal-breaker for prospective employees. The mission benefited from the work of two dedicated volunteer fellows last year, but permanent staff needed to be hired to make up for three unfilled volunteer-fellow positions.

On KNOM’s 51st birthday (July 14, 2022), we said goodbye to the last volunteer fellow — at least, for now. The mission is working on a strategic plan to harness a network of community partners to rejuvenate the fellowship, with emphasis on growing local talent. The first step of this plan is to stabilize staffing at the radio station. In order to place the right people in the right positions, the process includes involving local entities whose expertise enrich the mission.

In FY22, KNOM spent 5.3% less than budgeted for expenses and increased its income (thanks to folks like you) by 9.3%.

If you donated to KNOM in 2022, year-end tax receipts will be mailed to you in mid-January. If you do not receive one, don’t need one, or prefer an electronic version, please call (907)868-1200. Thank you for being the hands that hold the KNOM mission.

FY 22 Financial Summary