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Love Letters to Home: Dorothy Callahan of Nome, Alaska

Welcome to Love Letters to Home, where RAHI alumni share what they love about their community.

In this letter, Dorothy Callahan shared about the strength and beauty of her home community in Nome. Hear from Dorothy below:

“Dear Family and friends back in Nome,

It’s Dot. I’m reaching out to you, my community, from Fairbanks, Alaska. I’m writing this letter back home in appreciation for all that makes up Nome, our home.

Nome is not just a place of natural beauty; not just a seasonal construction ground for gold mining; nor for the bucket-list fun hunting of our wild mammals and marine life. Stretching further than beyond the surface of our community, we are truly a strong, golden and united group of people. We are strong by remembering to put others before ourselves, keep our elders safe with love, appreciate children by celebrating them and sticking up for our environment when their voices are silenced by bloodshed and decay.

And we are also golden in nature — in our practice to keep life glorious and full. There’s hardly any day that is full of sorrow. We unite together in our grand festivals of joy, as well as celebrate the accomplishments of others — let it be as a team or solo. I cannot express how delighted I was when Alaska Airlines decorated the interior of their facility with our sports team. Cherishing all that is: our dedicated athletes and to our parents, uncles and aunties and grandparents that show up to support of our high school team. We are a strong, golden, united community that deserves the very best from everyone.

Love everyone back at home.”

Dorothy Callahan

Thank you to the students who shared their letters, and congratulations to the RAHI class of 2022.

Photo at the top: Dorothy Callahan of Nome. Photo courtesy of Dorothy Callahan, used with permission (2022).

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