Elder Wisdom: These are the words we must remember

Elder Wisdom spots, derived from episodes of the longer form Elder Voices program, package important life lessons in accessible, bite-sized portions. Through oral tradition, Elders pass on the knowledge and values of their cultures. The spots have been very popular on social media and shared widely.

Elder Wisdom with Robert Iyatunguk

There are times to talk, and there are times to listen. These are the words we must remember:

“Yeah, my name is Robert Iyatunguk. I was born in the village of Shishmaref in 1919 — quite a few years ago. There used to be some shamans — Angakkuq — the Eskimo way of life. I guess they weren’t really a good thing, because Christianity hit Shishmaref, you know? There, they don’t have that action anymore. Changed, I think, right away. You know, they believed; changed to Jesus. Jesus the one that is, you know, watching over us.”

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