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Sticker shock: Nome cost of living rises exponentially

In the Lower 48 states, food costs have increased by an average of 12-13% in the last year. In Nome, they have increased by 27%. A small watermelon, which has always been a particularly fancy dish in Bush Alaska, costs about $55 at the local grocery store in Nome.

Village projects to improve sanitation and water

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The federal government allocated a portion of the $3.5 billion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to improving water and sanitation structure for tribal communities across the United States. Through Indian Health Service, or IHS, the law allocates 700 million dollars per year over a span of five years.

Michelle Sparck on Get Out the Native Vote

Director of Strategic Initiatives of Get Out the Native Vote, Michelle Sparck, discussed the August 16 special election for the Alaska US House seat and encourages Native Alaskans to vote.