Dear Friend… (August 2022)

This is the 700th consecutive issue of ‘The Nome Static’. It is a milestone. It marks more than 59 years of mission radio work in Western Alaska.

The newsletter first began, hand-cranked on a mimeograph, as a way to update friends on progress toward building and sustaining Catholic radio in a remote corner of Alaska. Nearly six decades later, the newsletter is a direct reflection of the impact radio continues to have in the region.

Where would we — or any community — be, without news? Weather updates? Uplifting and hopeful programming? While radio is considered a “dying medium” in some parts of the nation, in Western Alaska radio waves still reverberate in the minds and hearts of all who listen.

KNOM Radio Mission continues to instigate conversations and inspire hope — right from our neighbor’s windowsill.

Thank you for making long-term transformation possible!