Dear Friend… (July 2022)

Thank you for walking alongside the mission.

As we approach KNOM’s birthday on July 14, it’s a season to reflect on who we are, who we have been and who we are becoming. 

When we’re hiking through the wilderness, it’s important to check our gear. Is our backpack heavier than it needs to be? Do we need better shoes?

As we learn to follow Christ, the principles are the same. To walk in his path, we must have hearts open to the Holy Spirit and be willing to lighten our backpacks: to question assumptions that no longer help us achieve the mission he has assigned. Our 50th year saw several course corrections. This summer, the mission is focused on building capacity and placing the correct people in key positions for the future.

We trust that as we follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance and take the next step on the trail, we will be transformed into His likeness. We are again oriented to encounter Christ, embrace cultures that shape our region, empower growth and engage the listener with humility.

Thank you for your faithfulness to KNOM’s journey. We pray that, together, we are transformed with each step.