Bookworm curriculum inspires student readers

“I have never seen my students so engaged with books,” fourth grade teacher Krista Marvin said.

At Nome Elementary School, children involved in the Bookworms program are reading whole books, rather than just excerpts. Teachers hope this will inspire children to love reading.

“I don’t know if it is because they have an actual, entire book in their hands. Out of eighteen kids, every single kid is excited about the book,” Marvin said.

After reading the books, student build their writing skills through responses.

“The written responses I am getting are really well thought out. Paragraphs of really high-quality writing from my higher-ed students, and the kids that have needed more support for writing, they are still coming up with some really great ideas,” Marvin said.

Image at top: The Nome Elementary School E.L.A. Curriculum Committee presented ‘Bookworms’ at a local school board meeting. Photo by Miriam Trujillo (2022).