Morning Show Entertains and Uplifts Breakfast Listeners

Over the last year, the mission has devoted two volunteer fellows to co-host the Morning Show.

After learning that the Morning Show is a fan favorite in last year’s listener survey, hosts Miriam and Sean have made it their mission to share a steady mix of information and entertainment while listeners enjoy their morning coffee.

“In one show I really enjoyed, I invited people to imagine the world if just one thing was different: ‘What if whales were land animals?’, or, ‘What if snow wasn’t white, but some other bright color?’,” Miriam says.

“I am not a morning person, but being responsible for waking Western Alaska up with cheerful content has helped me approach my own mornings with more cheer. Nearly every morning show has left me feeling happier and has given my day a brighter tinge,” she says.

After Miriam’s co-host Sean slipped on the ice and needed surgery, a former employee stepped up. John, who normally works as a substitute teacher at a Catholic school, flew to Nome and cover shifts while Sean recovers from his injuries. John has taken to broadcasting like a bird to the air.

Every morning, the duo entertain listeners with current events in Alaska and the world, alongside a mix of music, news, trivia games, and local announcements.

Image at top: Morning Show hosts Miriam and John providing breakfast entertainment for listeners.