Dispatcher Recognized for Service

Emergency services dispatcher Jessica Saclamana was recently honored for her service. Her ten years of working for the police department makes her their most senior employee.

Nome Police Chief Mike Heintzelman commended Saclamana for her performance.

“On a lot of people’s worst days, they call in and Jess is able to calmly handle those situations and dispatch what is necessary. That’s a real gift,” Heintzelman said.

Due to the emotionally harrowing nature of the job, the police department has historically faced high turnover.
City Manager Glenn Steckman also commended Saclamana for going above and beyond her duty to serve the region. He said she serves faithfully regardless of who or which entity needs her help, at personal cost.

“She has sacrificed many holidays; July 4th, New Years’, the Iditarod finish and Alaska Day, you name it,” Steckman told listeners.

Image at top: Emergency Services Dispatcher Jessica Saclamana’s service is recognized by Nome Mayor John Handeland. She has worked for the police department for ten years. To the right is Police Chief Mike Heintzelman.