KNOM Benefactors Go Gangbusters for Equipment

At the start of the 2021 holiday season, KNOM announced a need for equipment funds.

Some of the studio monitors are past their usable lives and the broadcast system needs an update. Also, with a new virtual private network, a remote studio in the Anchorage business office has become possible.

The support KNOM received from benefactors is overwhelming. Soon after the first announcement online and in the paper newsletter, KNOM received dozens of contributions. The equipment fund has already ballooned to more than $36,000.

Some gave to honor the memory of dear ones who were beloved friends of KNOM. We are grateful and honored by the lasting benefit these friends continue to create for the mission.

One particularly heartwarming gift came from an anonymous eleven-year-old donor. They sent KNOM two dollar bills together with a meticulously handwritten note that said, “this $2 is for the equiptment and studio, $1 each. I know this isnt much, but where, in Heavens name, will an 11 yr old get $53,000???”

Photo at top: Wires in KNOM’s temperature-controlled computer room.