Harnessing Natural Radio Talent: KNOM’s Youngest Community Volunteer

The 2021 original Christmas play,The Queen of Christmas”, is about a little girl, named Florence Brown. On Christmas Eve she receives an invitation to be crowned Queen at Father Christmas’ big annual party at the North Pole.

The producer, Miriam Trujillo, knew she needed to find a big talent to fill the demanding role. The play needed someone who would be excited to be in a radio play and could convey that enthusiasm to listeners. She sent out a community casting call through the Boys and Girls club.

Tegan Oleson, the daughter of KNOM community volunteer Joleen Oleson answered the casting call. “She really stood out terms of commitment, flexibility, and enthusiasm,” Trujillo says.

Her mom brought her into the studio one Saturday morning. The plan was just to do a sound test to gauge how Tegan felt in front of a mic. The session was planned to last a few minutes. But Tegan was so eager, so willing to work, and conveyed so much authenticity in her lines that before they both knew it, they had recorded the entire script!

Image at top: Tegan Oleson plays the role of Florence Brown in the 2021 Christmas Play. (Photo by Joleen Oleson, used with permission.)