Nome Port Commission chooses large deep draft dock

Four men sitting around a tables having a meeting.

The Nome Port Commission in November approved one of three proposed dock designs for the Arctic Deep Draft Port Project.

The proposed options included three separate docks, two combined with a third separate, or all three combined in an L shape. The commission decided to go with the last option — one large dock.

The three proposed dock designs, from the schematics presented to the commission. The commission selected the design on the right.

“We get more bang for our buck as far as real estate and berthing space,” Commission Chairman Jim West Jr. said. 

“The dock modification was an element raised during the design process in an effort to capture more staging area, and create more dock space,” Port Director Joy Baker wrote in an email. She explained that the project is still in the design phase, with final designs expected by 2023.

The commission was also scheduled to vote on inner harbor dredging layout changes, but they chose to table that issue until a future meeting due to some confusion between port construction and port maintenance.

Harbormaster Lucas Stotts noted in his report to the commission that Nome is anticipating a very busy 2022 cruise season. More than 20 ships are scheduled to dock in Nome next year, most for only one day.

“And I’m already now trying to think ahead into vessel scheduling conflicts, other operations on other docks during this time, or on the shoulders of one of these ships coming in here,” Stotts said.

The commission also congratulated Stotts on receiving the Harbormaster of the Year award from the Alaska Association of Harbormasters and Port Administrators.

The next Nome Port Commission meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 16.

Image at top: Port Commission Meeting on November, 18 2021. Photo by Sean Milligan.