Dear Friend… (Christmas 2021)

Wintertime Alaska offers challenges and gifts. It is a time for hibernation and enjoying the fish and berries gathered during warmer months. The sea ice makes it possible to hunt animals that are too far out in the ocean during the summer months.

When daylight returns in early spring, the ice and snow makes transportation easier.

For newcomers, the onset of winter darkness and cold can be challenging. The season invites us to dig deep and build resilience. But snow and darkness, too, bring special gifts, like sledding under northern lights that dance among the stars.

The longer winter means a deeper appreciation of the Christmas message. It is fitting that it is the middle of winter, when the world is at its least hospitable, that God brings us the gift of Immanuel, a savior who is with his people amid suffering and joy.

Thank you for offering hope, warmth and companionship over the airwaves this Christmas!