Norton Sound Elders Create Glossary for Research, Policy

This fall, a group of Elders and language experts created a glossary of terms for research, science and policy in the English, Inupiaq, St. Lawrence Island Yupik, and Yup’ik (or Yugtun) languages.

The document is published by Kawerak, the tribal non-profit for the region. Their goal is to give researchers and decision-makers access to the vital traditional knowledge of Elders in the Norton Sound region. The translations will give greater insight into how locals have survived, and thrived, in the coastal Arctic context.

Julie Raymond-Yakoubian of Kawerak said it is important that researchers collaborate with native knowledge and culture. She told listeners it’s vital to “make sure that Indigenous voices are being heard and taking a lead in matters that impact Indigenous people”.

Image at top: Language experts from around the Norton Sound region. Together, they have created a glossary of traditional knowledge in Indigenous languages.