Nome holds its municipal and NSEDC elections today

City of Nome holds its municipal election and Norton Sound Economic Development Corporation special election today, on Oct. 5.

All voting takes place at Old St. Joe’s in Anvil City Square.

For the position of Mayor, a two-year term, John K. Handeland runs uncontested.

For the Common Council Seat C, a three-year term, Derek McLarty and Scot Henderson are running, and for Seat D, also a three-year term, Meghan Topkok runs uncontested.

For the Utility Board Seat A, a two-year term, Patrick Knodel runs uncontested. For Seat C, a three-year term, David Barron runs uncontested.

For the School Board Seat B, a three-year term, Bob Metcalf runs uncontested. For Seat C, a three-year term, Nancy M. Mendenhall and Paul G. Kosto are running. For Seat D, a three-year term, Sandy Martinson runs uncontested.

For NSEDC, the candidates are Addy Ahmasuk, Eric Osbourne, Wesley Perkins, and James Sherman. These four candidates are running to represent Nome on the NSEDC board of directors.

Polls are open today from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The City of Nome asks voters to wear a mask and to social distance.

Image at top: City Clerk Bryant Hammond of Nome counts votes cast at the local polling place, Old St. Joe’s. Photo from Emily Hofstaedter, KNOM (2019).