Lady Nanooks place second in Cordova tournament

Last weekend, the Lady Nanooks travelled to Cordova to play in the Copper River Rally Tournament. Also competing were teams from Glennallen, Palmer and Cordova. Palmer Junior Varsity place first, followed by Nome.

Volleyball coach Veronica Alviso usually plans practices that work on methods to counter the opposing team’s strategy. However, she and her team didn’t really know what to expect going against these specific teams, so preparation for the tournament looked a bit different.

We just did a general practice and worked on all aspects of volleyball. So we did a lot of work on serve receives, serving, so just, a little bit of everything. And then kind of focused on some of the spots where we had a few more errors this weekend,” Alviso said.

The tournament met in the Cordova High School Gym and the Mt. Eccles Gym. In the afternoon of September 24, the Lady Nanooks played Cordova JV, Glennallen, Cordova Varsity and Palmer in the CHS gym. In the evening, the Nanooks played Palmer JV in the Mt. Eccles gym for the championship game.

The Lady Nanooks beat Cordova, lost to Palmer Junior Varsity, according to the Nome-Beltz student activities Facebook page. Then they beat Cordova again and after that, Palmer JV.  For the double elimination tournament championship, they faced Palmer JV for a single match up to 30 points. They lost to Palmer JV, placing second in the tournament overall.

The Lady Nanooks compete next in the Arctic Pinkies Tournament on Oct. 15-16. There they will face Seward, Diomond JV, Bethel and Barrow.

Image at top: Nome Nanooks volleyball team in Cordova, 2021. Photo used with permission.