Dear Friend… (August 2021)

One stormy night, a listener called KNOM to make sure someone was at the radio station monitoring the weather situation. “Now that I know you’re there, I’ll go to bed and try to sleep,” said the caller.

“I’m here with you.” “Let’s enjoy the day together.” “Your heritage is a strong and beautiful treasure.” “God loves you.” “Be safe – watch for dangerous weather.” “You have great dignity in the eyes of God.”

Each day for a half century, KNOM has broadcast these messages in subtle and direct ways. The faith-filled companionship the radio mission was created for still continues today.

During KNOM’s 50th celebration, many shared stories and moments of impact. These testimonials demonstrate the transformative relationship the mission has with listeners, volunteers and staff, and generous benefactors.

As the first song played on KNOM – “We’ve Only Just Begun” – goes, we continue to envision the next 50 years of broadcasting in Western Alaska. Thank you for helping set deep community roots that grow fruits of service to friends and neighbors. Aarigaa! (It is good!)