Recycling Program Collects Ten Thousand Pounds of Waste for Anniversary

After Nome’s annual e-waste recycling event was canceled in 2020, the program’s ten-year anniversary was celebrated with a milestone – and, of course, food.

“On Friday, we had some barbecuing happening, some music, and some door prizes. So it was a lot of fun… So far this year, with the barge that came in just last week, we’re able to get one connex out already, and we’re hoping to fill another one here this weekend,” said Vanessa Tahbone, Kawerak’s environmental coordinator.

While throwing an old toaster or radio into a dumpster may seem like the easiest way to discard it, Tahbone emphasized to listeners that properly disposing of electronics is essential to keep Nome and its environment healthy.

Tahbone said, “If you burn the waste, it lets off particles and all kinds of stuff up into the air. The fallout for that can be up to 200 miles. That’s land that we pick berries on, pick greens on, we hunt on, and animals eat lichen off the ground.”

Image at top: Despite snowy weather in June, Nomeites gathered more than 10,000 lbs of electronics for recycling.