Ramp Replacement and Other Port Projects Move Forward

The concrete ramp at the harbor in the Port of Nome is set to go out of commission for repairs on July 10th if updates remain on schedule. 

Port Director Joy Baker gave the update on the Concrete Ramp Replacement Project during the regular Port Commission meeting on April 15. The concrete ramp, which was built in 2005, has been damaged from heavy loads, and the Port has been planning on replacing it for the past 5 years. Baker says the Port needs one more submittal from the design company STG before official dates can be sent to ramp users. 

“We have September 15th for substantial completion and October 1st for final completion, so that’s like two and a half to three months that the ramp will be out of service. If STG thinks they can get it done sooner, they will tell us at the pre-construction conference and we will share that with everyone and advise the users as well.”

– Joy Baker

STG won the $2,954,130-dollar bid for the repair project back in March. 

Also during their meeting, the commission discussed design alternatives for the CAP 107 Dredging Project, which is a project with the U.S. Army Corps. It would provide numerous updates to the harbor, including deepening and widening the inner basin to allow more ship traffic. Although reaching this point is significant for the Port, Baker says they have not been given the costs and benefits for the project.

“The whole idea of cost of the project versus the benefits of deepening the harbor dredge to -12 plus a foot overdrench and expanding the limits so that there’s more room in the basin for vessels to operate – there are benefits to that to many industries and they are calculating those, so we will keep you posted.”

– Joy Baker

The Commission found certain elements of the design alternatives that they believed would be beneficial to the city, such as turning the South Wall into a cargo dock. The commission will vote on a preferred design alternative once they received the costs and benefits for the project. 

Baker also shared a quick update on the Arctic Deep Draft Port Project. The Design Agreement has been submitted to USACE to be signed by the Pacific Ocean Division Commander. Plans for construction will soon be discussed. 

Anyone with questions on these projects can call 907-304-1905 or email jbaker@nomealaska.org.

Image at top: The Port Commission in November, 2020. Photo taken by KNOM.