Top 25 Mushers into Skwentna-South

The top 25 mushers in this year’s Iditarod Sled Dog Race have all arrived in Skwentna-South, where they will take their final mandatory 8hr rest.

The top 15 mushers have all arrived into Deshka Landing (in order):

  1. Dallas Seavey
  2. Aaron Burmeister
  3. Brent Sass
  4. Wade Marrs
  5. Mille Porsild
  6. Nicolas Petit
  7. Ryan Redington
  8. Joar Leifseth Ulsom
  9. Richie Diehl
  10. Ramey Smyth
  11. Michelle Phillips
  12. Jeff Deeter
  13. Jessie Royer
  14. Aaron Peck
  15. Jessie Holmes

Listen below for the full Tuesday morning race update, including weather conditions, an update on Aily Zirkle’s injury, and more:

Image at top: Brent Sass places 3rd in Iditarod 49. Dave Poyzer/The Iditarod, used with permission.