First Out of Ophir, Brent Sass heads to the Iditarod Checkpoint

Brent Sass in White Mountain

Brent Sass may be the closest musher to this year’s race halfway point, but he has not elected to take any of his mandatory layovers yet.

Out of the top five positions, only Ryan Redington and Aaron Burmeister have completed their 8 hour layovers. As a result, more mushers approach the halfway checkpoint of Iditarod, some shake-ups in the leaderboard may appear over the next day.

Rounding out the top five positions as of 10AM this morning:

  • Sass is in first position, checking out of Ophir at 4:21AM this morning.
  • Aaron Peck is in second position.
  • Ryan Redington is in the third position.
  • Aaron Burmeister is in fourth position, and has completed his mandatory 8 hour layover.
  • Ryne Olson holds the fifth position.

Listen to KNOM’s full Iditarod update here:

Image at top: Brent Sass along the trail with his dog team during the 2019 Iditarod race. KSKA/Alaska Public Media.