Iditarod Race Leaders Leave Rohn en Route to Nikolai


Ryan Redington regained his lead in the 2021 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog race when he was the first to leave Rohn en route to Nikolai. 

Redington left Rohn at 4:11pm with 12 dogs in harness, dropping two dogs there before setting out. In second position, Martin Buser left Rohn at 4:58pm with 14 dogs on the line. In third position, Richie Diehl left Rohn at 5:25pm with 14 dogs in harness. In fourth position, Nicolas Petit arrived to Rohn at 1:54pm with 14 dogs. Rounding out the top five, Dallas Seavey arrived to Rohn at 3:03pm with 14 dogs in harness. 

As the mushing teams advance further along this year’s Iditarod Trail, they will be thinking about mandatory breaks. Iditarod officials have established the usual protocol in this regard and mushers will need to take three required breaks in this year’s race. One twenty-four-hour break is mandatory anywhere between Skwentna and Iditarod on the way out; one of the two eight-hour breaks must be taken in the Rohn-Flat-Rohn segment of the Trail. The second eight-hour break is required of all mushers just before the finish back at the Skwentna checkpoint.

For more, in-depth details, listen to the March 8, 6PM KNOM Iditarod Update:

Image at Top: Rohn, a checkpoint of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Photo by Laureli Kinneen, KNOM.