Iron Doggers in the Final Stretch with One More Layover Until Big Lake

Snowmachine racer speeds up snow ramp, racing off of Bering Sea ice.

Iron Dog racers are almost done with their journey and are on their way to a final layover before the finish line in Big Lake.

The top six teams have already left the checkpoint in Rohn. Team #14 Casey Boylan and Bryan Leslie still hold first position as they head to the next checkpoint in Puntilla. Kenneth Kleewein and Kruz Kleewein of Team #12 have also checked out of Rohn. Team #6 Bard George and Robby Schachle are on their way to Rohn, as well as Team #10 Mike Morgan and Chris Olds. Andrew Gumley and Klinton VanWingerden round out the top five in Team #49.

When they arrive in Puntilla, the top five teams are required to hold. The other teams will have a layover in Skwentna, the checkpoint after Puntilla. Puntilla is fewer than 150 miles away from the finish in Big Lake. The holding time at these checkpoints is off the clock, but time spent doing repairs or refueling sleds will count against the racers.

The race will restart for a big finish on Saturday morning. Top teams are expected to arrive in Big Lake around noon tomorrow. Iron Dog will be live streaming the finish line from their social media pages, and from their website.

Find the livestream link here.

Stay tuned to KNOM Update News on Monday to hear results of the race.

Image at top: Iron Dog 2021 competitor Chris Olds, team #10, arrives at the Nome halfway point on Tuesday, Feb. 19 in the 2019 Iron Dog. Photo: Davis Hovey, KNOM.