Iron Dog Team Boylan and Leslie Lead Out of McGrath

Snowmachine racer speeds up snow ramp, racing off of Bering Sea ice.

Casey Boylan and Bryan Leslie of Team #14 are currently holding first position after leaving McGrath at 12:02pm. They will now have a whole hour of time over second position Team #6, Brad George and Robby Schacle. George and Schacle declared an extra hour to the layover in McGrath earlier this morning.

George and Schachle, have been at the front of the pack for most of this race, but are now currently 30 minutes behind Boylan and Leslie. But the extra hour out of McGrath may give Boylan and Leslie the advantage they need to secure the lead.

Rounding out the top three is Mike Morgan of Nome and his teammate Chris Olds. Team #10 pulled into McGrath at 12:40am this morning and are currently taking a 12-hour layover instead of 13.

Iron Doug officials anticipate the front runners being held in Puntilla later tonight, setting up a Saturday morning finish in Big Lake.

Stay tuned to KNOM Update News for the next 2021 Iron Dog race update.

Image at top: Iron Dog 2019 competitor Casey Boylan, part of team #14, arrives at the Nome halfway point. Photo: Davis Hovey, KNOM.