School in Gambell Closes Amidst Community-wide ‘Hunker Down’ Notice

Gambell’s school has closed its doors to staff, students, and community members until October 9th. That decision was made as a result of a recent 14-day “hunker down” notice imposed by the City of Gambell.

As of today (Sept. 28th), there are 19 positive COVID-19 cases in Gambell. In an effort to curb the spread of the disease caused by the coronavirus, the City of Gambell is prohibiting all residents from leaving their homes unless absolutely necessary.

In response to the new community mandate, Bering Strait School District’s Superintendent, Dr. Bobby Bolen, decided to close the school in Gambell until October 9th. No one will be allowed into the school building at this time, and all student meals and student activities are suspended as well.

According to Superintendent Bolen, school in Gambell is tentatively scheduled to reopen in the “Yellow” phase on October 12th.

Image at top: The inside of the Gambell school gymnasium. Photo from Davis Hovey, KNOM (2017).