Nome Council Plans to Expand COVID Relief, Support Black Lives Matter

The City of Nome still has hundreds of thousands of dollars in CARES Act funding to spend by December 31st.

The Nome Common Council plans to give $200,000 of that money to the Nome Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Departments during their regular meeting tonight.

But the city still has around half a million to spend in community benefits.

The council has previously heard from Nome residents that their plans to help city residents with utility credits and small business grants were too restrictive. So tonight, the council will discuss a resolution to do a third round of community benefits that would include residents, artists, and carvers on the city power grid; not just those within city limits.

The Nome Common Council will also discuss a resolution supporting the “Black Lives Matter” movement. In the current draft of the resolution, the City Council expresses its support for working along with the Nome Police Department to condemn racial discrimination and police brutality.

The regular meeting of the Nome Common Council begins tonight at 7pm in Nome City Hall.

Image at Top: Nome City Council during a regular meeting in August, 2020 (Photo from Emily Hofstaedter, KNOM)

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  1. John Smith on September 28, 2020 at 12:16 pm

    If the Nome Common Council decides to support the “Black Lives Matter” (founded by proud Marxists) movement, then it would be interesting to see what the Nome Common Council has to say about going completely politically correct by defunding the Nome Police Department.