Unalakleet Patient Shares COVID-19 Experience

In one episode of Sikkulautaq (pronounced “sik-oo-LOW-tuq”), Amber Cunningham of Unalakleet shared her experience of catching COVID-19 while on a trip to Anchorage.

The show is produced by Laureli Ivanoff, for Norton Sound Health Corporation.

Cunningham described being surprised and amused at not being able to smell things that normally have a strong scent, like menthol lotion or her moose hide mukluks (traditional skin boots).

Cunningham also shared about the generosity of community members who brought her traditional food and medicine while she was sick. She encouraged listeners to look after friends and family members who test positive. Quarantine can be a lonely time.

“Check in with the person who is sick to see if they need anything for their symptoms, or if they want soup… Let them know you’re thinking of them, and that they’re not alone,” Cunningham shared.