Industry Adapts As Fish Move North

For the first time in twenty years, there were no commercial red king crab fisheries in the Norton Sound this year. Instead, some local fishing crews are now catching cod, a new development in the region.

A deckhand on Phil Pryzmont’s fishing boat pulls up a cod pot.

Nome resident Phil Pryzmont has spent 12 years cod fishing in Alaska. He says red king crab is a far more profitable catch, at $7 per pound. Although cod won’t make ends meet for him this season he says he’s glad he can still fish.

“We’ve been seeing the cod for a long time, and at least some of us have wanted to have a fishery here. We have really nice cod, big fish, significantly bigger than the ones I fish in Kodiak and fewer parasites also… It’s kind of an impetus to get started on another fishery that definitely has some potential here,” Pryzmont told listeners.

Image at top: Boats at the Nome harbor.