Late Mayor Beneville’s Successor To Be Appointed By City Council In Meeting

Mayor Beneville, sitting at a desk, signs resolutions while City Clerk Hammond, standing next to him, looks on.

A new interim mayor will likely be appointed at tonight’s City Council meeting. The City Council will appoint one of five candidates for the vacant mayor’s seat. Those candidates are Ken Hughes, Colleen Deighton and Paul Winders, as well as Janice Doherty and former Nome mayor John Handeland.

Most of the Council’s agenda includes a list of resolutions renewing and approving contracts. One of those is a resolution to accept a Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) grant from the U.S. Department of Justice. That is a grant-funded officer position who is required to have a community specialization or focus in their policing. Currently the department has a budget for eight police officers, two investigators and two sergeants, along with one community service officer, one deputy chief, and one chief. Right now, the department has a vacancy for an investigator and two police officers.

Before the regular meeting, the Council will meet in a work session to discuss possibly selling the Mini Convention Center to be turned into a shelter that would allow for social distancing. That discussion will be held at 6pm, followed by the regular City Council meeting at seven.

The City Council will meet at the Council Chambers in Nome City Hall.

Image at Top: File photo: Mayor Richard Beneville signs resolutions after a City Council meeting while City Clerk Bryant Hammond looks on. Photo: Margaret DeMaioribus/KNOM (2016).