Poetry on the Airwaves

A recent installment of the ‘Read-Along’ featured Joy Harjo, who is the United States Poet Laureate and a well-known indigenous poet.

Harjo shared some of her work, including a poem about Nome, or, as Harjo describes it: a place “near the opening in the Earth’s head”. The poem was inspired by a trip to Nome and her friendship with Nome poet Mary Jane Litchard.

“There’s just some places that resonate, and I don’t always understand why. Nome is one of those places. So any time I have an opportunity to go back, even by radio, I say ‘yes, I will go back,’” Harjo said with a smile.

Photo at top: Joy Harjo was reappointed the United States Poet Laureate by the Library of Congress. She recently shared her poetry with KNOM’s listeners. Photo: Shawn Miller/Library of Congress, used with permission.