Hospital Screens 10% for COVID-19

With a large number of rapid tests available and a small population, the hospital corporation has a unique opportunity to map how the the coronavirus is transferred in a geographically isolated system.

This data collection will impact later research. Norton Sound Health Corporation is now doing drive-through testing at the hospital in Nome. Thanks to a gift from a charitable Christian organization there are enough test kits to blanket screen 10% of the region’s population.

When this Static went to print, the coronavirus infection rate was minimal in the region, thanks to community commitment to strong prevention efforts.

Photo at top: Hospital staff conduct drive-through coronavirus testing in Nome. Photo: Reba Lean, NSHC.

Helen Eningowuk, a health aide at Norton Sound Regional Hospital, prepares swabs for KNOMers Emily Hofstaedter and JoJo Phillips. (They both tested negative for COVID-19 and shared the experience with listeners.)