Kawerak is Paying for Foster Families’ Internet, Relieves a ‘Heavy Burden’

Regional foster families will have free internet access until the end of May, financed by Kawerak Inc.

The tribal nonprofit announced earlier this month that internet would be paid for at least during the months of April and May. Kawerak’s Child and Family Services Program put together this service after an employee of the department noticed the “heavy burden” placed on foster families due to COVID-19.

“So for some folks, that means that they are getting internet in their home, maybe for the first time. And we’ll be paying for that through May, and we’ll see where it goes from there.”

– Traci McGarry

Child and Family Services Program Director, Traci McGarry, says access to internet provides foster families with many potential benefits.

“We’re hoping that kids are able to get their schoolwork (done) on there. A lot of families are doing webinars and zoom meetings, that way they’ll have internet to do that too and hopefully it’ll take a little bit of burden off of them for the next month or so.”

During the coronavirus pandemic, Kawerak invites anyone with ideas for community improvement similar to this service of free internet to call their main line at 443-5231.

Image at top: Foster family using internet access to work on school assignments. Kawerak paid for their internet service during the months of April and May. Photo courtesy of Kawerak and Rebecca Callahan, used with permission (2020).