City Council to Vote on Rate Increases at Port of Nome

City of Nome Council Chambers. Photo: Margaret DeMaioribus; KNOM

The Nome City Council will discuss and vote tonight [MON] on adopting the proposed tariff rate increases in the Port of Nome tariff. The Nome Common Council meets tonight for their regular meeting.

They will also move to final discussion on adopting the Alaska Remote Sellers Sales Tax Code. This is a uniform tax code being adopted by other municipalities around the state for collecting online sales tax. Nome joined the Alaska Remote Sellers Sales Tax Commission in November and as such, is required to adopt this uniform code by May 5th.

Nome citizens will be able to comment on those ordinances.

The Council will also be going through several letters of communication, including an informational flyer from the state Department of Health and Social Services on COVID-19.

At 6pm, the Nome Common Council will meet for a work session to discuss the hours of sale and advisory board for the marijuana industry. The regular meeting will begin at 7pm in City Hall.