Human Skulls Found Near Sinuk River

State Medical Examiners and the Alaska State Troopers are investigating the case of two human skulls collected from the mouth of the Sinuk River last month.

But an approximate age for those bones will have to wait until the exam is complete, and Nome Trooper Sergeant Aileen Witrosky says there’s no timeline for when that will be. Witrosky does note that, “At this point they do look old.”

Among the two skulls were some other assorted bones discovered by hunters in mid-October. Until further examination, troopers are unable to say how old the bones are or whether they’re male or female. Right now, no foul play is suspected.

If required though, further identification could be possible. Acting Nome Police Chief Mike Heintzelman says at least one of the skulls has teeth, which means they can undergo further DNA testing.

Troopers confirmed the bones were reported to AST on October 10th, however no dispatch was released to the public regarding the incident at that time.

This is the third October incident in the Nome area where AST did not post a public dispatch.  

Image at top: Sunset over the Sinuk River. Photo: KNOM

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  1. Ruth Otton on November 18, 2019 at 11:32 pm

    I’m in awe, I wonder if it could be my uncle.