Nome Heads to The Polls Today in Municipal Election

"I Voted" stickers at the polls in Nome, August 19 2014. Photo: Matthew F. Smith, KNOM.

Nome residents have the opportunity to make their voices heard at the polls today by participating in the municipal election at Old St. Joseph’s Hall until 8pm.

“Elections every year are important. I encourage everyone to get out and vote.”

-City Clerk Bryant Hammond

There are seven names on the municipal ballot this year and City Clerk Bryant Hammond says none of the candidate’s eligibility has been challenged.

Nome’s city boards are all staggered. Every election year there are city councilmembers, school, and utility board seats up for grabs. Both councilmembers Jerald Brown and Mark Johnson are seeking additional three -year terms. Two school board seats are up for election and neither of those candidates, Barb Amarok nor Darlene Trigg, face any opposition. Trigg looks to maintain Seat “A” after being appointed to fill a vacancy last year. Those are both three -year terms.

Also, on the ballot is Pat Knoedel, who is seeking another 2-year term for Seat A of the Nome Utility Board. According to Clerk Hammond there is one race where the race is being challenged. That would be the mayoral race, where incumbent Mayor Richard Beneville is looking for a third-term but faces competition from resident Keith Morrison.

For today’s municipal election, Nome voters will not be voting on any referendums.

Image at top: “I Voted” stickers at the polls in Nome. Photo: Matthew F. Smith, KNOM (2014).