Elder Voices: Hanna Takak

Elderly woman wearing floral-print shirt sits at table with black-and-white photo of man in uniform framed on wall behind her.

From summer of 2019, hear Hanna Takak of Shaktoolik speak on her family, her childhood, and the ever-changing nature of the world around her.

Reflecting over a hot cup of tea, Hanna remembers the time she thought a boat’s anchor was a bear and when her eldest son baked bread for three hours past the oven timer.

She explains why spring is her favorite time of year; she insists she can still pick berries; she remembers the chorus of a song from 1970.

Yet in-between these memories of the past, she wonders on the rising price of milk today and has questions about the future of her family.

Hear the first episode of a new season of Elder Voices with the audio player, above.

Image at top: Hanna Takak of Shaktoolik. Photo: JoJo Phillips, KNOM.