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A Day at Camp in Solomon

The week-long, 2019 Solomon Youth and Elder Camp serves as a backdrop for an Alaska Native community’s continued quest of reclaiming their status as a city.

‘No Regrets’

Man in Army uniform holds photo in front of American flag and wood-paneled wall

Paul Simon Bekoalok of Shaktoolik served 28 years with the Alaska Army National Guard, including multiple tours in Kuwait and Iraq. He was honorably discharged in 2009 after injuries suffered overseas. He has no regrets, he says.

A ‘Summit’ for Reindeer

Woman in camouflage jacket stands on grassy tundra next to huddle of children.

Earlier this summer, Ann and Bruce Davis hosted a “summit” introducing local youth to their distinctively Western Alaska line of work: reindeer herding at their Midnite Sun Reindeer Ranch.

Time in a Bottle

Man in green kuspuk holds green bottle while standing on beach on cloudy day

When Tyler Ivanoff and a few friends strolled along the shore near Shishmaref on August 5, they were looking for firewood and picking berries. What Ivanoff found, instead, was a half-century-old message in a bottle that had washed up after a long, long journey from the opposite side of the Pacific Ocean.

Let Us Pray

KNOM listeners have ample opportunities for daily reflection.

A Golden City

Sunset landscape of gold dredge in small pond in rural Alaska town

Massive gold dredges dot the Nome landscape. The long-dormant structures have become curiosities and tourist attractions.

Cultural Connections

Drumming ensemble outside on a sunny day

It’s no easy feat to travel to places like Provideniya, Nome’s “sister city” in the Russian district of Chukotka.

From the GM’s Desk (September 2019)

“What a gift to share stories of hope and connection across nations and generations,” Margaret DeMaioribus writes in the end-note to KNOM’s September newsletter.