Nome Police Arrest Three Juveniles in Assault Investigation

Block letters spelling "POLICE" on the side of a Nome Police Department SUV.

Nome Police have taken three youths into custody related to a string of assaults that occurred last week around the city.

Last week, between August 4 and 8, police received multiple reports of a group of juveniles randomly assaulting innocent individuals. There does not seem to be any targeted demographic, nor do police currently find a pattern in where the assaults are taking place. NPD Investigator Wade Harrison confirmed that the incidents took place within city limits but were not confined to one area.

An investigation conducted by Nome Officers Justin Le and Vincent Nguyen identified five males: four juveniles and one adult. Because the adult suspect has not been formally charged, his name is not available to the public. The investigation is ongoing. Police are looking to find a pattern in the assaults and are unsure if the activity is gang-related. Investigator Harrison was unable to confirm to which youth detention facilities the three arrested juveniles were sent. The fourth juvenile questioned by the Nome Probation Office has not been charged.

The Nome Police are seeking information related to this activity and ask anyone who might be able to help to reach out immediately at 443-5262.

Image at top: file photo: Matthew F. Smith, KNOM.