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Climbing Champions

Two young men stand smiling in front of a grey building on a sunny, summer day

Nome brothers Oliver and Wilson Hoogendorn were the first mountaineers to successfully summit Mount Denali this year. Summiting the 20,310-foot mountain is an immense challenge for any hiker. Being the first of the season is an even greater accomplishment.

New Voices, New Roles

Three young people stand smiling in front of a sign that reads "KNOM Radio Mission."

Summer 2019 has seen the arrivals of new volunteers and volunteer fellows at KNOM Radio Mission.

A Floating Memorial

Silvery boat docked in a small harbor

The Nome branch of the Alaska Department of Fish & Game is utilizing a brand-new, 30-foot boat to catch and tag salmon, pull crab pots, and conduct research. The boat’s name memorializes two fisheries technicians from Elim and Unalakleet.

Back to Their Roots

Two women pick berries on the tundra

A first-of-its-kind “plant symposium” in Nome was a platform for sharing traditional knowledge about the nutritional and medicinal value of local berries, flowers, and other tundra plants.

Tundra Aflame

A landscape of a metal bridge, creek, and tundra stretching to the horizon, with puffs of smoke arising from a wildfire about a half-mile away.

This summer, there have been more wildfires than usual in Alaska; many have been caused by lightning strikes.

From the GM’s Desk (August 2019)

The challenges of an Alaska summer are “a reminder of why we’re here,” writes Margaret in the end-note to KNOM’s August newsletter. “Each story is a witness to sacrifice, courage, and compassion.”