All Shook Up (But Okay!)

Photo of walk-in pantry with canned goods scattered across the floor

Damaged roads, downed utilities, toppled bookshelves, broken dishes, and messy pantries: this was what most folks experienced from late November’s major earthquake centered in the Anchorage area.

The magnitude-7.0 quake and its many aftershocks made national headlines, but thankfully, there have been no reports of deaths or major injuries. Anchorage schools recessed for a week to clean up and assess damages. Some older schools were a total loss or heavily damaged, as were several homes and businesses. Authorities are still tabulating damage. KNOM’s development office in Anchorage escaped the incident mostly unscathed, excepting a few fallen books and stacks of papers and inconsistent power for a few days. Thanks to God and thanks to all who have written with kind wishes and prayers of support.

Image at top: For many Anchorage-area residents, the Nov. 30 earthquake emptied shelves, leaving items scattered and broken on the floor at home. Photo: Lynette Schmidt, KNOM.