From the GM’s Desk (November 2018)

“As Western Alaska enters into the winter season, the landscape transforms from the autumnal colors to the beauty of snow. In this season, let us pause to reflect on God’s transformation in our lives this year. John Bell’s hymn, ‘The Summons,’ says it eloquently: ‘Lord, your summons echo true when you but call my name. Let me turn and follow you, and never be the same. In your company I’ll go, where your love and footsteps show. Thus I’ll move and live and grow in you, and you in me.’ Thank you for choosing to answer God’s call to serve through steadfast faith, abundant hope, and boundless love.”

— Margaret A. DeMaioribus, General Manager

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  1. Jim Speier on November 1, 2018 at 6:42 pm

    This letter format is a GREAT improvement over previous computer letters but I get the feeling I’m missing something after reading it in comparison to the previous printed letter. It could also be my dislike for change but I know how important donations are to your mission and if your method of communication is a turn off for some that could become very detrimental. I realize sending letters via the computer saves money but I would caution you that it could cost you in the long run. I hope I’m the only one who feels this way. My comment is meant to be constructive and not sarcastic.