City Council to Hear Second Reading on Ordinance Requiring ID Checks for Alcohol Sales

Very close, macro view of beer poured into a glass.

Nome’s Common Council will meet this evening, October 29, after being postponed one week. The Council will hear a second reading on an ordinance that would require a state ID be presented any time a customer buys alcohol at any establishment in the city, including stores and bars.

The council will also hear the first readings of four new ordinances that address concerns brought up in previous council meetings. The first will propose renaming the Nome Municipal Cemetery.

The council will also hear an ordinance to clarify council member residency requirements; this follows a challenge to Councilwoman Topkok’s eligibility for election to the council after her residency was questioned. The requirement currently is that a council member must be a resident of Nome for one year prior to election on the Common Council; it does not specify that it must be the year immediately preceding the election.

The last order of new business includes a resolution to “declare the intent of the Nome Common Council to increase expenditures of Nome Police staffing.” At multiple meetings, citizens have expressed concerns that low pay makes it difficult to recruit qualified officers to Nome.

The Nome Common Council will meet at 7pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

Image at top: public domain, via Pixabay.