Moran to Resign as Nome City Manager

City Clerk Tom Moran presiding over Nome's October 2014 election.

Nome City Manager Tom Moran announced his resignation last night after a three-hour-long, closed executive session.

“I think that we have made mistakes as an organization, and it is probably time for a change in leadership. So effective tonight, when I go upstairs after this meeting, I will send you in writing, each of you, a copy of my resignation letter. (It is) effective 30 days from today.”

Monday night’s meeting was focused on a “Special Meeting Agenda,” announced to the public through the Nome-Announce email list-serve on September 13. All members of the council were present and accepted Moran’s resignation, with Councilman Adam Martinson attending via telephone.

Moran has been public about his desire to move on from his post; his previous contract ended on September 15, but Moran signed a six-month extension. During the City Council meeting on August 27, he said he thought it best to stay on until the new chief of police was trained. Robert Estes was sworn in as the new Nome Chief of Police on September 15. Moran will continue to work as the City Manager until his 30 days are over. At this time, there is no candidate immediately lined up for the position. Councilman Jerald Brown explained the temporary solution Monday night:

“The intent is to identify a temporary City Manager, either locally or through the ‘M-L,’ and that person will run things until we find a permanent (hire).”

The “M-L” to which Brown refers is the (Alaska) Municipal League, a non-profit network of municipalities. Cities may use the AML to find contacts for individuals who can specifically serve as Interim City Managers.

Double doors with a small placard reading "Council Chambers."

The entrance to the Nome City Council chambers. Photo: Emily Hofstaedter, KNOM.

The search for a new City Manager was underway before Moran’s resignation, with the position having been posted on September 11 to the job boards at the Alaska Municipal League and the International City Council Management Association. John Handeland, a former mayor of Nome, had previously been assigned the responsibility for the search and continues to hold that responsibility.

Image at top: file photo: then-City Clerk Tom Moran presiding over Nome’s October 2014 election. Photo: Matthew F. Smith, KNOM.

Editor’s note: Tom Moran is a member of the KNOM Radio Mission Board of Directors.


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